[syslog-ng] [ANN]: Moving from BugZilla to GitHub Issues

Gergely Nagy algernon at balabit.hu
Thu Jun 5 11:57:03 CEST 2014


Internally, we've been talking about retiring the syslog-ng OSE BugZilla
(https://bugzilla.balabit.com/) for quite a while, because it's far too
complicated, outdated, and generally a pain to work with. Since
syslog-ng development moved to GitHub a while back, we've been using
GitHub issues alongside the bugzilla, and the time has come to say good
bye to BugZilla. It served us well for many years, but it is time to let
go, and use something more convenient: GitHub issues.

On the 13th of June, we will close our BugZilla for new issues, and you
will not be able to report new problems there. Existing issues will
remain there, and will not be closed for further updates.

The new place to report bugs is:

We are also using waffle.io for both syslog-ng and the Incubator, the
boards are available at https://waffle.io/balabit/syslog-ng and
https://waffle.io/balabit/syslog-ng-incubator, respectively. Both are a
work in progress, mind you.

GitHub issues are much simpler than BugZilla, however, and as a
consequence, have less features too: attaching a config, or a core file,
or similar files is not possible. But the need for that is fairly low,
and if so need be, there are alternative ways to do all that: paste the
config into the issue, create a Gist (https://gist.github.com/), use
Dropbox, and so on.

If you have any questions, observations, or perhaps complaints about the
planned migration, let us know!


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