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You fail to mention what version of syslog-ng you are using and on which

> If a log file is renamed syslog-ng does not write a new file until
> restarted.

Correct. Renaming a file on a unix system is just a change to the parent
directory. Processes reading from or writing to the file which keep the
file open will know nothing about the change.

> Is the data received during that time lost

No. The process will continue to write to the same file which now has a
new name.

> and is there a conf option for this.

It's not clear what "this" is.

There are lots of log rotation tools and they have various options to
handle rotation. Two common approaches are

1) Signal (usually HUP) process(es) after rotation
2) Copy and null

See the documentation and examples for your log rotation tool or better
yet, use syslog-ng's native log naming capabilities. See 7.2. "Storing
messages in plain-text files"[1].

> Can syslog-ng rotate based on size ?

Not directly in the way rsyslogd does with max-size, for example,
however many log rotation tools have size parameters if this is a

> What is recommended to manage fast growing files .

See e.g. 17.5. "Configuring log rotation"[2].

In general you need to know your log data and your requirements for
keeping it. Your syslog-ng and/or log rotation tool configuration should
implement these requirements.

Typically in a two tier environment the clients log only recent data on
local storage while transmitting some or all log data over the network
to the loghost(s) for archive, analysis, etc.

Depending on how fast "Fast" is, there may also be performance
considerations, but start with requirements.


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