[syslog-ng] 3.4 - degraded single threaded performance

Gergely Nagy algernon at balabit.hu
Mon Jan 21 22:59:57 CET 2013

Evan Rempel <erempel at uvic.ca> writes:

> I took one of my syslog-ng 3.3 configuraiton files, which happens to read from
> a named pipe (/var/local/somename) and ran version 3.4rc2 against it.
> I was only able toread bout 2,000 messages/sec through the pipe.
> With threaded(yes) I could read 100,000+/sec.
> With syslog-ng 3.3 I could read 100,000+/sec
> Is this the expected behaviour of threaded(no) with syslog-ng 3.4

Nope, it definitely is not.


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