[syslog-ng] WARNING: window sizing for tcp sources

Gergely Nagy algernon at balabit.hu
Mon Dec 10 21:28:06 CET 2012

Anton Koldaev <koldaevav at gmail.com> writes:

> 1.
> % sudo /etc/init.d/syslog-ng restart
>                                              WARNING: window sizing for tcp
> sources were changed in syslog-ng 3.3, the configuration value was divided
> by the value of max-connections(). The result was too small, clamping to
> 100 entries. Ensure you have a proper log_fifo_size setting to avoid
> message loss.; orig_log_iw_size='80', new_log_iw_size='100',
> min_log_fifo_size='25000'
> I have a lot of tcp sources, destination and options. Where should I look
> for this warning? I don't have "log_iw_size=80" anywhere.e

Can you show your global settings, by any chance? Also, what @version
does your syslog-ng.conf have?

(This is most likely in your global settings)

> 2.
> `syslog-ng --preprocess-into=/tmp/pre.conf`
> ^Does it work for anybody? It writes the config file but it hangs after it
> for me. Is it supposed to be used when syslog-ng daemon is down?

--preprocess-into only tells syslog-ng to write the processed config to
a file, it will then proceed to do whatever else it would've done
without the option. That's a bit counter-intuitive, I agree. You can use
the --syntax-only (-s) option to just write the file and exit without
doing anything else.


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