[syslog-ng] Announcing Debian packages for syslog-ng 3.3

Gergely Nagy algernon at balabit.hu
Sat Aug 20 22:22:04 CEST 2011


As I've hinted about it in an earlier mail, I've been working on
packaging syslog-ng 3.3beta2 (mostly to scratch an own itch: I want 3.3
packaged, and split into smaller parts :P), and as of this writing,
packages are slowly flowing in to the newly created repository:

# For Debian unstable & testing:
deb http://packages.madhouse-project.org/debian unstable syslog-ng
deb-src http://packages.madhouse-project.org/debian unstable syslog-ng

# For Debian stable (squeeze):
#  (this also contains libmongo-client and libevtlog backported to
#  squeeze)
deb http://packages.madhouse-project.org/debian stable syslog-ng
deb-src http://packages.madhouse-project.org/debian stable syslog-ng

For now, only amd64 binaries are built, if there's a need, I can build
i386 and powerpc packages aswell.

These Debian packages are NOT the stock debian syslog-ng package updated
for 3.3: the packaging was pretty much redone from scratch (and they're
still a work in progress). Nevertheless, I believe they're in a usable
shape, and could be useful for people on Debian wishing to play with
syslog-ng 3.3.

Anyway, the repositories above contain the following packages:

 * syslog-ng

   This was turned into a meta-package, that doesn't really have any
   contents, but depends on the rest of the syslog-ng packages.

   It is provided both as a clear upgrade path from the stock Debian
   packages, and as a way to install every plugin syslog-ng has.

 * syslog-ng-core

   This is what used to be the syslog-ng package in stock Debian: the
   standard feature set, minus a few plugins, which were split out. See

 * syslog-ng-module-sql

   Contains the SQL destination module. Split out into a separate
   package, so that the core does not have to depend on libdbi.

 * syslog-ng-module-mongodb

   The MongoDB destination driver.

 * syslog-ng-module-json

   The $(format-json) (aka tfjson) plugin.

 * syslog-ng-dev

   Development files (headers, tools, etc) to build third-party
   syslog-ng modules.

   This part is non-functional at the moment, it will be fixed at some
   point in the not too distant future, but since this part is mainly
   useful for me alone, I didn't care that much.

If there's any issues with the repository, or with the packages in them,
please let me know, so I can fix them!

I will keep updating the packages, to fix any bugs I - or anyone else -


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