[syslog-ng] syslog-ng 3.0.8, 3.0.9 not sending logs to centralized log host

Jarrett Lee jarrett.lee at oversightsystems.com
Wed Dec 22 15:35:50 CET 2010

> If you have a lot of different apps or logging scenarios that are in 
> parallel to each other like we do here, you can write a "stub" syslog-ng 
> configuration file, and use the include directive to include 
> configurations from a directory such as /etc/syslog-ng.conf.d, or 
> something such.

I was unaware of an include directive. This is fantastic! Though I doubt I'll package it, I'll definitely use this to keep all my configs simple by having a default and then having a syslog-ng.conf.local or something.

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