[syslog-ng] Microsoft SQL connect issue

Matthew Hall mhall at mhcomputing.net
Mon Dec 13 17:10:25 CET 2010

On Monday, December 13, 2010 07:43:05 Shawn Cannon wrote:
> When a Microsoft SQL connection is attempted, I get the following errors.
>  I am trying to connect to a names instance of MS SQL over TCP 1785. 
> Any ideas?  Thanks....
> Dec 13 10:33:23 syslog01 syslog-ng[27963]: Error running SQL query;
> type='freetds', host='sql.hidden.local\instance', port='1785',
> user='user', database='syslog', error='', query='CREATE TABLE syslogng
> (datetime varchar(16), host varchar(32), program varchar(32), pid
> varchar(8), message varchar(4096))'
> Dec 13 10:33:23 syslog01 syslog-ng[27963]: Error creating table, giving
> up; table='syslogng'
> Dec 13 10:33:23 syslog01 syslog-ng[27963]: Error checking table,
> disconnecting from database, trying again shortly; time_reopen='60'
> Shawn Cannon
> IT Professional

Hello Shawn,

The first step for any DB connection is verifying that the same exact 
statements work right when executed by hand using the same user and password 
provided in the configuration to eliminate variables.

On Windows you could do this using Toad, SQL Server Admin Console, etc.

On UNIX the client for MS SQL is called sqsh, pronounced "squish":


This link describes the Ubuntu package. Same idea applies to Debian / RH / 
SuSE / etc.

In this case I assume your database user has a privileges issue. So you 
better take a look at the grants for that user.

Good Luck,

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