[syslog-ng] Microsoft SQL connect issue

Shawn Cannon shawn at shawncannon.com
Mon Dec 13 16:43:05 CET 2010

When a Microsoft SQL connection is attempted, I get the following errors.  I
am trying to connect to a names instance of MS SQL over TCP 1785.  Any
ideas?  Thanks....

Dec 13 10:33:23 syslog01 syslog-ng[27963]: Error running SQL query;
type='freetds', host='sql.hidden.local\instance', port='1785', user='user',
database='syslog', error='', query='CREATE TABLE syslogng (datetime
varchar(16), host varchar(32), program varchar(32), pid varchar(8), message
Dec 13 10:33:23 syslog01 syslog-ng[27963]: Error creating table, giving up;
Dec 13 10:33:23 syslog01 syslog-ng[27963]: Error checking table,
disconnecting from database, trying again shortly; time_reopen='60'

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