[syslog-ng] up to date syslog-ng.conf ?

Jean F. Mousinho jean.mousinho at ist.utl.pt
Tue Oct 6 15:07:49 CEST 2009


I'm trying to use a compiled version of syslog-ng (3.0.4) tho I'm not
successful to find a syslog-ng.conf file that cames with that package
and is up to date. Find reveals several configuration files:


tho, none of them has @version keyword in the head, so syslog-ng is
nagging for not being able to determine the configuration version.

I'm running syslog-ng manually from the ./src specifing the
configuration file from the command line (using -f).

So the question is, where is the syslog-ng.conf for the 3.0.4 version
(after doing ./configure .. and make) ?

Thanks for your help.

Jean F. Mousinho

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