[syslog-ng] syslog-ng open source edition for intel based x86_64 machine

Paul Robert Marino prmarino1 at gmail.com
Sun Oct 4 16:49:00 CEST 2009

x86_64 is the Official name for amd64 Intel licenced the technology from 
AMD for their core 2 and Xenon series chips.
the reason people call it amd64 is it originally was only on AMD chips 
before the industry standardized on it as the 64 bit replacement for 
IA32 which was more commonly called x86

if you are asking about the Intel Itanium chips that use IA64 thats 
another story
however when in doubt you can always compile from source
Jain, Vaibhav (GE Healthcare) wrote:
> Hi,
> In the balabit site syslog-ng(open source edition) is available only 
> for amd64 and i386 platform. Is it available for intel based x86_64 
> machine ?
> Regards,
> Vaibhav
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