[syslog-ng] Perl FIFO eating CPU

Clayton Dukes cdukes at gmail.com
Sun Jun 21 21:27:13 CEST 2009

Hiya Folks!
I know this isn't necessarily the purview of this group but I thought
I'd ask anyways since there are so many smart people here :-)

I have syslog-ng feeding to a pipe which my perl script reads from,
does some filtering/deduplication of messages, and then inserts into a
mysql db.
For some reason, the perl script is running between 85-100% cpu at all
times (mysql cpu is ok).
I'm receiving roughly 1-2 messages per second on my test server, but
plan to use this for a production box that will receive much more
(around 50 mps)

Is there some perl magic I can do to lower the cpu utilization? caching, etc?
I'm happy to share my script, but a large portion of it depends on
variables set from within my program (php-syslog-ng) so it won't run
on outside systems (unless, of course, you install my software :-))



Clayton Dukes

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