[syslog-ng] New to syslog-ng, basic setup help reuqested

Fegan, Joe Joe.Fegan at hp.com
Fri Jun 5 16:53:55 CEST 2009

That looks like a bind() error message which suggests that another process is already listening on the socket in question. Use lsof to find out which process that is.

# lsof /var/log/apache2/ws8.mydomain.com-access_log

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Afternoon, looking to do some real basic logging for our webservers.  They are all running ubuntu-server 8.10, and I have a standalone box which will act as the 'log server'.  They have webmin installed, so I setup using that as it seemed pretty straight forward.

So the server is running and when I start one of the webservers which I configured, I recive the following error;
 * Starting system logging syslog-ng Error binding socket; addr='AF_UNIX(/var/log/apache2/ws8.mydomain.com-access_log)', error='Address already in use (98)'

I thought it might be due to apache running, so stopped that, but still the same error.

the conf file is HUGE, and 95% is a stock install, so I will just put what the client / server has that is specific to this item I wish to remote log.

destination WFLogger {
source domain_access {
log {

On the server, I don't see anything that stands out that say's "accept connections" so not sure if there is anything special that has to be done, but the error on the client is immediate so that part seems to be a local issue.


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