[syslog-ng] syslog-ng 3.0.2 issues: Extraneous colon (:) in forwarded log; two instances of syslog-ng

Balazs Scheidler bazsi at balabit.hu
Wed Jun 3 11:05:48 CEST 2009

On Fri, 2009-05-29 at 13:07 -0500, Marvin Nipper wrote:
> Hi.  I’m been running syslog-ng 2.0.9 for eons, and wanted to get
> 3.0.2 in place, but have run into two issues.
> First, the prerequisite info:
> This is on Solaris 10 x86, and I’m running the eventlog-0.2.9
> component.  It has all compiled cleanly.  I’m using the same script to
> initialize syslog-ng as I was using before.  In the conf file, added
> in some value() parameters on my filters, in accordance with the 3.0
> “warnings”, and added in the @version directive, but other than that,
> it’s essentially the same (reasonably simple) conf file I was using
> with my 2.0.9 version of the code.
> For reference, I’ve appended my conf file at the end of the email.
> “Generally” syslog-ng, seems to start-up fine, and does feed the
> output files that I’ve indicated in the conf file.  If I didn’t “look
> too closely”, I would have thought it was all fine, but…
> My problems:
> As part of my test environment, I’m forwarding data from another
> (production 2.0.9) server, to my test server, so that I can see how
> things are working.  Here are some (truncated) messages, showing both
> the original message (as it looks in the output file on the 2.0.9
> server), and the second message being what gets written to the file by
> the 3.0.2 component:
> Original:
> May 29 09:15:05 id=firewall sn=0006B10B2E88 <truncated>
> Received and written by 3.0.2:
> May 29 09:15:05 id=firewall: sn=0006B10B2E88 <truncated>
> So the “bug” (I assume it to be a bug) is that “colon” that is now
> sitting just behind the word “firewall”.  When my test server is
> running a 2.0.9 daemon, these two lines match, but the 3.0.2 daemon
> has inserted that colon.  I can only assume that this is tied to a bug
> in the filtering activity, because if you look at my conf file, you
> will see these lines:
> filter SonicWallNoise {
>         match("id=firewall" value("MSG")) and filter(SonicWallMsgs);
> };
> Bottom line, I am doing a filter that happens to “match on” that exact
> “firewall” string, and it seems like more than just coincidence that
> this is the exact location where that unwanted colon now appears.  It
> seems like that filtering process has somehow injected that character
> into the output.  (Maybe I’m just missing some “new functionality or
> feature” in the 3.0 docs, that would intentionally cause this?)
> Anyway… I’m obviously looking for any input as to why this is
> different, and/or how to fix it (or even just work-around the problem
> until it is fixed).

The internal representation of messages was optimized, every incoming
data is processed and parsed into the internal representation and then
the message is reconstructed.

Your sample message has no "program-name" field, thus the incoming
syslog-ng thinks that the first word is the program name and when it is
reconstructing the message it uses the normal

program[pid]: msg

format, thus adds a ':'. You can work this around by using the
'store-legacy-msghdr' flag on your source, this causes some performance
degradation, but otherwise should solve your problem. 

The root cause of the problem is the ambigous format of the syslog
message. I'm usually quite reluctant to change the parsing code (as it
causes problems for others), but I might add a workaround to this issue,
as others have ran into this as well.

The workaround would be to assume that there's no program name if
there's no colon. in that case $MSGHDR would expand to nothing.

> And secondly, as my subject line implies, when I run my
> “/etc/init.d/syslog-ng start” scripting (the same one I’ve always
> used), I find, right away, that I now have two instances of syslog-ng
> running.  I saw a bug report from back in 2006, mentioning a similar
> behavior that was related to (I think) syslog-ng restarting itself,
> but that was supposedly fixed.  I’m ass-u-me-ing that something is now
> causing the daemon to restart itself, but again, when I run my 2.0.9
> code on place of the 3.0.2 code, I get just the one copy running.

This is not two instances of syslog-ng, syslog-ng now has a 'supervisor'
process that monitors the child, and if it crashes, it automatically
restarts it.

So this is not a problem, it is intended behaviour. You can change it
with the --process-mode command line option.

> Again, I’m looking for any guidance as to something that might be
> driving that behavior (and as I said, maybe it’s just something stupid
> on my part, because I’m missing something “new” in the 3.0 behavior).
> Thanks, in advance, for any help and/or guidance as to what these
> issues might be.  I’m glad to provide further information if it will
> help.

Hope this helps.


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