[syslog-ng] running syslog-ng and syslogd concurrently?

Martin Schütte lists at mschuette.name
Fri Nov 28 01:24:19 CET 2008

Matt Camuto schrieb:
> Has anybody ever run syslogd (in either agent or server mode) on the
> same machine with syslogd running. Any guidance there would be highly
> appreciated. We are not in the position to do a hard cross over to
> syslog-ng for our production environment.

Have not done this myself but some hints:
The problem is that the message sources (kernel log buffer, syslog 
socket, UDP ports) should only be read by one daemon.

Thus you should use syslogd to receive messages from the regular sources 
and let it log everything to an additional fifo or a local socket. (The 
capabilities are system dependend, if your syslogd does not support 
fifos then you could use socat to pipe to a socket).
Then configure syslog-ng to use this new fifo/socket as a source.


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