[syslog-ng] syslog-ng refuses to open/write destination file

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What user is the syslog-ng daemon running as, and does that user have permission to write to the NFS directory?

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Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have configured syslog-ng to add a custom application filter and log destination. Let me preface all works when I configure the destination to be in /var/log. However, due to operational needs the file needs to be written off to a directory in /usr/local/ssl/<application location>.

Here's the tricky part. The /usr/local/ssl/<application> is actually being exported by a NFS server as a share. I thought perhaps that was the issue as I do see a "cannot open file for writing, permission denied" vomited by syslog-ng  and stamped when I kick start the application. I checked the permissions on directory and the log file. They are all good. I am able to touch, create, destroy, move, copy etc data on that directory. It only appears syslog-ng is having the trouble.  What makes it more goofy is when I manipulate how I kick start the app (via shell or daemon) sometimes I see the permission error sometimes I do not. Ultimately syslog-ng still just stamps everything to 'messages'.

Question, does syslog-ng have a configuration for writing off your destination file to an NFS share? I've never had this problem appear before. Perhaps someone has some experience to lend a hand? Appreciate it in advance!

Cheers - Jonathan


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