[syslog-ng] Parallel Use of syslog-ng with syslogd (Linux RH ES4)

Diffenderfer, Randy randy.diffenderfer at eds.com
Tue Mar 4 13:22:36 CET 2008


I haven't yet done the research here by RTFS'ing, so I apologize in
advance for uninformed posting... :-)

I'm looking at syslog-ng as a syslogd replacement in our shop.  I'd like
to determine in advance if there is a reasonable way to run these in

In particular, are there supplied hooks to routines equivalent to
syslog(3) in the C library?  I understand that I can shut down syslogd
and bring up syslog-ng listening to /dev/log, and things will be
transparent to production code.  I envision an environment where I have
the RH syslogd listening to /dev/log, and syslog-ng listening to
/dev/log-ng.  Using perl and C routines, can I integrate my production
code with minimal alterations to selectively use the new facility?

Thanks for any advice,
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