[syslog-ng] Collecting logs from a chrooted appli

Gault Stephane hqservers at hotmail.com
Thu Jun 5 15:05:49 CEST 2008

i'm curretly trying to get the logs of a chrooted application wich is under (/var/appli/) and logging in a file called appli.log (/var/appli/dev/log/appli.log). I tryed to create a /dev/log directory (and a /dev/log stream too, when the file didn't work) where the appli is logging. The application logging is ok, the file or stream work, but syslog-ng can't duplicate and create the appli.log in /var/log/appli.log or send tcp to the remote syslog server as well.
In the syslog-ng.conf i Tryed to add a local source :
source src_applilog { file("/var/appli/dev/log/appli.log"); }; 
(or for the stream) source src_applilog { unix-stream("/dev/log"); };
then duplicating the log :
destination appli { file("/var/log/appli.log"); };
then statement :
log { source(src_applilog); destination(appli); };
I don't want to filter anything in this log, but even if a tryed tu setup a unix-stream in /var/appli/dev/log with the application logging in this stream, nothing get the job done. I must duplicate the log outside the chroot (local then remote with a tcp syslog server listening).
Any clue of what am i doing wrong ?
Best regards.
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