[syslog-ng] Using regexp in match()

Jan Kreps krepsj at seznam.cz
Thu Jul 10 09:48:31 CEST 2008

> > I'm trying to setup central syslog-ng server for my Exchange servers. On
> windows servers I use Epilog agent (brother of Snare) forwarding tracking
> logs to central syslog.

> > Say the format is: filed1\011field2\011, so fields in String are separated
> by '\011'.
> > 
> > I tried:
> > 
> > filter f_parse {
> >   match("([^\\011]*)\\011([^\\011]*)\\011");
> > };
> > 

> Is this your last filter? The message remembers the matches of the last
> filter only so you have to ensure that this regexp is executed last.

Thanks for your answer Bazsi.

Finally i got it.

Obviously I have used bad regexp. Exchange tracking log uses tabs as delimiters. But when I saved $MSG string to text log, tabs was changed to '\011'. 

So now I changed my regexp to use tabs as delimiters:

filter f_parsing {

This works like charm and saves first two tab delimited fields (date and time in this case) to $1 and $2.

I will wrote some HOWTO when i finish the configuration completely.

Thaks for your time.


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