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I have a client node and a server node which has two Network Interface Card(NIC A, NIC B).
Syslog message sender is installed in the client node.
Syslog-ng(version2.0.5) and eventlog(version0.2.5) are installed in the server node.
I can't understand following situation.
1. Change status NIC A and B UP by ifup command
2. Start syslog-ng service
3. Change status NIC A DOWN by ifdown command
4. Syslog-ng service can receive message to NIC A. ※ situation
(Syslog-ng service can also receive message to NIC B.)
5. Change status NIC B DOWN by ifdown command
6. Syslog-ng service can't receive message to NIC A and B. 
Under the situation(4), I expected that syslog-ng service can't receive message to NIC A and can receive message to NIC B.
The OS of the server node is Red Hat Enterprice Linux Version4 update4 x86.
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