[syslog-ng] IPv6 Link local address use with syslog-ng

Simon Arlott simon at arlott.org
Tue Nov 20 18:41:11 CET 2007

On 20/11/07 13:41, Philip Bellino wrote:
> Bazsi,
> You are correct in that the Link Local address is only valid on the
> local Lan and it is not routable.

Link local addresses are only valid on, and unique to, one link 
which is why the link has to be specified using the scope id.

> I believe the theory behind link local addresses was to have basic
> native IPv6 connectivity right out of the box without any user
> configuration.

This sounds like nonsense to me...

> Please note that the scope_id is not needed for Link Global IPv6
> addresses. 

However it may be useful to allow setting it anyway.

> I hope this helps.
> Phil

Simon Arlott
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