[syslog-ng] IPv6 Link local address use with syslog-ng

Philip Bellino pbellino at mrv.com
Fri Nov 16 16:38:29 CET 2007

Running syslog-ng-2.0.5 on a Linux host

syslog-ng.conf entry as follows:

source s_all {
	tcp6(ip(2001:470:1f00:1288:220:abff:febe:4dac) port(1468));
When syslog-ng is started, the Global address
(2001:470:1f00:1288:220:abff:febe:4dac) binds and connects fine.

If I have the Link Local Address configured below:

source s_all {
	tcp6(ip(fe80::220:abff:febe:4dac) port(1468));

And start syslog-ng, it either errors on the bind or the
connect(g_connect in gsockaddr.c) with an errno of 22 (Invalid

Looking at the code shows that there is no use of the sockaddr_in6
"sin6_scope_id", which is required to be set when using Link Local
addresses since they need to use the interface number (sin6_scope_id).

Has anyone run into this issue?
If so, is there a workaround or a code patch for this?

Phil Bellino

Phil Bellino
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