[syslog-ng] Is there any problems when network configis changed?

Geller, Sandor (IT) Sandor.Geller at morganstanley.com
Fri Nov 16 11:49:27 CET 2007


> Hi, 
> I want to confirm the following point.
> [Precondition]
> ・ Syslog-ng server starts with two NICs(IPAddress A, 
> IPAddress B), and it is configurated to received 
> syslog-message with two IPAddress.
> ・ One client sends syslog-message to IPAddress A, and the 
> other sends to IPAddress B.
> [Point]
> I want to change network-config(IPAddress A → C) without 
> stopping syslog-ng service and no influence to client which 
> sends to IPAddress B.

OK, it's clear now. The logs sent to IP address B will be catched by syslog-ng,
and if you're not binding it to IP addresses, then the logs arriving to IP address
C will be catched as well.

So if you're using a source like udp()/tcp() then it will work. When you're
using udp("IP_address_A") and udp("IP_address_B") then syslog-ng won't log
messages sent to IP address C, but it still will log messages sent to
IP address B, so clients using IP address B aren't affected.



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