[syslog-ng] Starting syslog_ng daemon with chkconfig on Linux

Corey Bobb cbobb at cygnus.com
Mon May 14 21:12:41 CEST 2007

Hello all,


I am trying to add a specific file for syslog to pickup and log remotely but
have been unable to make it work.  


The file I am trying to get over to another syslog-ng server is an audit


What has to happen is from 1 server the log file gets read/moved over to the
other Log server . . .which will then be indexed by splunk.  I am learning
syslog-ng and am not sure exactly how to make what I am trying to do work.  


If anyone has any ideas or suggestions please drop me a note!






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When I try to start syslog_ng daemon with chkconfig  it says.


service syslog_ng does not support chkconfig
Am I missing something ? or how to start   syslog_ng daemon with chkconfig
on Linux.


Please advise.





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