[syslog-ng] php-syslog-ng error

gutorjo gutorjo at bol.com.br
Wed Jan 17 18:05:59 CET 2007

I'm asking for help on php-syslog-ng installation. I'm using Gentoo kernel 2.6.18 with apache2, php5, mysql 5.0.26 and php-syslog-ng 2.8. I configured a syslog database with a sysloguser and his password so he can connect to mysql database through CLI. But when I use the bronswer to http://<IP address>/phpsyslogng/index.php I get the login screen, but cannot use the sysloguser and his password because I receive a message Username and password combination does not exist!. I already edited the config.php file to insert sysloguser password and the IP address for mysql database.
I don't have any idea where to fix this problem

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