[syslog-ng] Problems writing to a file if destination is not/var/log

Geller, Sandor (IT) Sandor.Geller at morganstanley.com
Mon Apr 23 15:57:10 CEST 2007

> Hi,
> Before I used Suse 10.0 ( syslog-ng-1.6.8-3.2) , the router 
> logfiles were send to another directoy /log/syslog.
> Via php-syslog-ng, the messages were also send via a pipe to 
> a MySql database. -> no problems. 
> Now I setup a new server withe Suse 10.2 
> (syslog-ng-1.6.11-23) but the logfiles outsite /var/log are 
> not working:
> I get a Permission denied message, also no permission to 
> write to the /var/log/pipe connection (php-ssylog-ng). 
> When I send the log messages to another directory/file in 
> /var/log than it works.
> How can I solve the permission problem? 
> Rem:
> A chmod like 777 don't help, its like the daemons checks if 
> the directory /var/log used + 
> pipes or links are not allowed!

Are you using AppArmor, aren't you? Try disabling AppArmor first
and when syslog-ng works then review/update your AppArmor conf.



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