[syslog-ng] Trouble with switches and syslog-ng

Jean-Michel Philippon-Nadeau jmphilip at ccs.usherbrooke.ca
Wed Apr 4 17:01:28 CEST 2007

Good day everyone,

	We use syslog-ng to store and organize the logs of our machines 
(~3900). For every host we have, syslog-ng creates a folder with the 
hostname or the ip address (if it couldn't determine the hostname) of 
the machine and then stores the logs.

	We also have 5 switches that can report logs with standard syslog 
capabilities (udp on port 514). The problem is that syslog-ng doesn't 
create the folder for these switches and doesn't store their logs. I 
made sure there was no network problems by using tcpdump - the packets 
correctly made it to the central syslog-ng host. Yes, of course, I made 
sure udp(); was in my source declaration.

	Does anyone know how I can make sure syslog-ng receives the logs?

Thanks for your help.

Jean-Michel Philippon-Nadeau
Centre de Calcul Scientifique

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