[syslog-ng] bug report

Matt Zagrabelny mzagrabe at d.umn.edu
Thu Sep 21 21:29:58 CEST 2006

On Thu, 2006-09-21 at 20:53 +0200, Sandor Geller wrote:
> Matt Zagrabelny wrote:
> > does anyone on the list know the preferred way of submitting bug reports
> > to the developers?
> Why don't you send your report to the list? 

just wanted to make sure the bugreport wouldnt fall on deaf ears. ;)

the problem has to do with using the program() destination driver
dropping syslog entries, or at least the program not receiving them. it
may very well be a problem with the program i am using, but i thought i
would pass it on to the experts.

what happens is that when the program() is executing a remote command,
for example via ssh, any successive input on STDIN is dropped or not
received or not sent or something. thus to test this phenomenon, the
program() must get more than one line at a time (or perhaps, at least a
second line before the remote program is done executing). exact timing
of the failure hasnt been investigated yet. the test below uses the auth
facilities because establishing an ssh connection sends more than one
message to syslog.

the only thing you have to do to test this is setup a trusted no
passphrase key for ssh for the user that syslog-ng runs as to the same

to see things work as i would expect them set '$use_ssh = 0' in the

i have been 'tail -f'ing the both /tmp/syslog_sleep
and /var/log/auth.log to witness the failure.

relavent sections of syslog-ng.conf
source s_all {
        file("/proc/kmsg" log_prefix("kernel: "));

filter f_auth { facility(auth, authpriv); };

destination dp_syslog_sleep {

log {

syslog_sleep program follows

use strict;
use FileHandle;

my $sleep = 1;
my $use_ssh = 1;
my $sleep_duration = 5;
my $output_file = '/tmp/syslog_sleep';

my $fh = new FileHandle;
$fh->open('>> '.$output_file) or die "could not open $output_file for
writing: $!\n";

while (<>) {
        print $fh $_;
        if ($sleep) {
                if ($use_ssh) {
                        system("ssh localhost sleep $sleep_duration");
                } else {
                        sleep $sleep_duration;

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