[syslog-ng] runaway programs started by syslog-ng

Peter Nahas pnahas at mrv.com
Fri Oct 27 23:13:00 CEST 2006

Simple question which may help: does your program fork() or daemon()
into a "background" process?  This would explain the behavior you're
seeing, and should be relatively easy to work around.
Hope that helps.
Good luck,
Peter Nahas
MRV Communications - Boston Division


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Hi Bazsi,
How would having that switch help?
The problem is we do want it to automatically restart.  It just appears
that there are some scenarios which we haven't figure out.. in which the
program gets restarted repeatedly leaving apparently multiple instances
How do you determine when to restart?
On Fri, 2006-10-27 at 10:59 -0700, Dev Man wrote:
> Hi,
> We have experienced cases of syslog-ng apparently launching multiple
> instances of the same program unexpectedly, causing the machine to
> become unusable.  Some of the launched processes can end up defunct,
> but not all appeared to be when we checked the running processes.
> Isn't syslog-ng only supposed to start a program if it was terminated?
> In one case, we were seeing a constant stream of "duplicate stats
> counter" messages like:
> syslog.1:Oct 26 06:27:10 in-mta syslog-ng[29833]: Duplicate stats
> counter; counter='program(/home/readlog/readlog.php)'
> One machine was using syslog-ng version 1.9.11 and another version
> 2.0rc1.

2.0.x (and 1.9.x which was development versions for 2.0) restart
program() destinations by default. I'll add a switch to disable that
behaviour as it is hardwired at the moment.

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