[syslog-ng] AIX compilation of syslog-ng 1.6.* (problems with ld)

Jochen Kirn jochen.kirn at gmail.com
Thu Mar 23 13:09:11 CET 2006

I use gcc to build full static syslog binaries on AIX 5.1/5.3

gcc version 3.3.2 from AIX Toolbox site

1) configure & compile libol 0.3.17
./configure --disable-shared

2) configure & compile syslog ng 1.6.9
./configure --prefix=/opt/syslog-ng --with-libol=/home/build/work/libol-
0.3.17 LIBS=-ldl --enable-full-static

afaik you'll fail to build full static version on AIX  unless you tweak the
'configure' script of syslog ng, since it can not identify
the ld version on AIX


I think the the syslog-ng's configure script requires additional tweaking
for supporting AIX's version of the ld command.
The configure script tries to identify the ld option by issuing 'ld -V'
which doesn't work on AIX 5.1. The output of AIX 5.3
isn't recognized.

AIX 5.1 (ML8):
root at aix51host:/root : uname -a
AIX aix51host 1 5 00594BAA4C00
root at aix51host:/root : ld -V
ld: 0706-011 The -V flag needs a parameter.
ld: 0706-030 No processing done.  Specify at least one
        input or import file or use at least one -b ex<n> option.

AIX 5.3 (ML3):
root at aix53host:/root : uname -a
AIX aix53host 3 5 00C6D95B4C00
root at aix53host:/root : ld -V
ld: LD 1.64 (08/19/2003)

It would make sense to me to have an additional configure parameter
because AIX's ld requires '-dn' parameter for performing a static build

what do you think ?

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