[syslog-ng] Syslog-ng 1.6.9 just stops...

Sandor Geller wildy at balabit.hu
Thu Mar 2 09:20:19 CET 2006

Andreoli, Tony A. USNUNK NAVAIR B1490, R215 wrote:
> I had klogd off already, but this got me thinking about something else.
> My config file's sources are:
> source s_sys { pipe ("/proc/kmsg" log_prefix("kernel: ")); unix-stream
> ("/dev/log"); udp(); internal(); }; 
> source t_sys { pipe ("/proc/kmsg" log_prefix("kernel: ")); unix-stream
> ("/dev/log"); tcp(); internal(); };
> Could it be that both sources, attempting to read /proc/kmsg and
> /dev/log (and internal()?) are causing this?

Never use the same log source (pipe, stream, diagram) two or more times.
You should reorganize your source sections:

source s_common { pipe ("/proc/kmsg" log_prefix("kernel: "));
unix-stream("/dev/log"); internal(); };

source s_udp { udp(); };
source s_tcp { tcp(); };

And modify your log sections accordingly.

Sandor Geller
wildy at balabit.hu

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