[syslog-ng] syslog-ng and netfilter() problem

Kelly Pow kelly.pow at sjrb.ca
Tue Jul 26 19:03:23 CEST 2005

Hi, .

I am trying to use syslog-ng to collect syslogs from routers, but I would
like the logs from the same network to be logged in one file 

IE:        all logs from and --> to be
stored in /ipbb

All logs from --> to be stored in /ipbb_lab

How can I do this using syslog-ng?

How do I log IP addresses of the same network into the same file?


There is a filter in syslog-ng called netmask() --it checks the sender's IP
address to see whether it is in the specified IP subnet

Syntax: netmask(ip/mask) 


So I created a filter see below:

filter f_ipbb { netmask(""); };


So my logic on this was 

If the syslog is from an IP address in this network/subnet then it should
get logged to where I specified it to....



As seen below I got syslogs from the following IP addresses:

root at K3 store # ls  


But the file only logged one syslog : 

root at K3 test # cat syslogs/2005-07-25

Jul 25 13:37:52 34118: Jul 25 13:38:15.053 MDT:
%BGP-4-MAXPFX: No. of prefix received from (afi 0) reaches
5893, max 7000


Do you have any idea why?


As seen below, I have tried:

filter f_test { netmask(""); }; <-- gives no

filter f_ipbb { netmask(""); };<-- only give syslogs from 


Any thing that I might be doing wrong that I can't see?

Is there a bug with syslog-ng?


Thank you very much

Kelly :-) 


Below is my syslog-ng.conf file:

Syslog-ng/conf file:


options {













        # The default action of syslog-ng 1.6.0 is to log a STATS line

        # to the file every 10 minutes.  That's pretty ugly after a while.

        # Change it to every 12 hours so you get a nice daily update of

        # how many messages syslog-ng missed (0).





source src{unix-stream("/dev/log"); internal(); pipe("/proc/kmsg"); };

destination messages { file("/var/log/messages"); };

filter f_messages { not level(warn); };

log { source(src);  filter(f_messages); destination(messages); };


#filter for ipbb

filter f_ipbb { netmask(""); };

filter f_ipbb2 { netmask(""); };


#test configuration for loggin cisco devices

source net { udp(); };


destination ipbb_lab_syslogs {
file("/store/ipbb_lab/syslogs/$YEAR-$MONTH-$DAY"); };

destination ipbb_syslogs { file("/store/test/syslogs/$YEAR-$MONTH-$DAY"); };


destination all { file("/store/$HOST"); };


log { source(net); destination(all); };

log { source(net); filter(f_ipbb); destination(ipbb_syslogs); };  <-- only
collects syslogs from


log { source(net); destination(ipbb_lab_syslogs); };



#testing for stripping

filter f_test { netmask(""); };

destination d_test { file("/store/test1"); };  

log { source(src);filter(f_test); destination(d_test); }; <--Gives no




destination ipbb_lab_traps {
file("/store/ipbb_lab/traps/$YEAR-$MONTH-$DAY"); };

destination ipbb_traps { file("/store/ipbb/traps/$YEAR-$MONTH-$DAY"); };


#filter snmptrap 

filter f_snmptrap { level(warn); };


log { source(src); filter (f_snmptrap); destination(ipbb_lab_traps); };  <--
In test Mode- Traps also needs to be filtered to be stored in their network

log { source(src); filter (f_snmptrap); filter(f_ipbb); filter(f_ipbb2);
destination(ipbb_traps); };





Kelly Pow

IP Backbone Networks Intern

Shaw CableSystems G.P

Tel: 1.403.303.6387

kelly.pow at sjrb.ca <mailto:kelly.pow at sjrb.ca> 


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