[syslog-ng] FC4 as Syslog-NG Server (to MySql)

Vadim Pushkin wiskbroom at hotmail.com
Tue Dec 27 21:53:08 CET 2005


I am trying to get syslog-ng running as a centralized server, with data 
going to a mysql db.  So far I've:

1. Installed mysql and have sucessfully created a db named syslogng. 
(confirmed with a show databases; and show tables;)

2. I have created a FIFO file as /tmp/mysql.pipe.
3. Am running mysql in the following manner:
                   mysql -u username --password=userpassword syslogng 

I do not think that I've properly configured my syslog-ng.conf file to 
redirect all output to the DB.  The FAQ, which has been very nice to me thus 
far, is somewhat confusing as to how to properly create the .conf file for 
usage this way.  All test writes never appear within my DB, confirmed by 
running "mysql> select * from logs;".

Ultimately, my goal is to log syslog data from routers, switches, 
Solaris/Sparc, Linux machines to this machine.  The machine is within a 
trusted environment.

Any help would be much appreciated, and I apologize in advance if I've 
misread the obvious somewhere...

   Vadim Anatoly Pushkin
-- The Ukranian Stallion --

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