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Is it possible to DNS to verify the valid hostnames? Our syslog produces ma=
bogus hostnames and it is almost impossible to list all of them in bad_host=



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On Fri, May 09, 2003 at 10:24:22AM -0600, markallen wrote:
> I recently read a thread that described an option you can set so your =

> not logging blanks in servernames. I seen where I can set the option =

> to ignore bogus hostnames but how do you ignore bogus hostnames that =

> start with a tab?
> =

> This is what I'm currently using:
> =

> options { =

> bad_hostname("snmp|AFSR|AFSR.PSYND|Delete|In|UDBH|Use|ready32"); };
> =

> I would like to exclude everything that starts with a tab as well. =

> Does anyone have any suggestions?

options { bad_hostname("\t"); };

here's the set of special characters you can use (quoting cfg-lex.l):

<string>\\a                { append_char(7); }
<string>\\n                { append_char(10); }
<string>\\r                { append_char(13); }
<string>\\t                { append_char(9); }
<string>\\v                { append_char(11); }

e.g \a, \n, \r, \t and \v are all supported special characters (similarly t=

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