[syslog-ng]Few general questions.

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1. Well, I use 1.6 and it is very stable, just get the latest snapshot.
There was a release that had a macro bug but it has since been remedied.  I
have been using 1.6 for the last several months without issue.

2.  Currently syslog-ng doesn't support native encrypted sessions.  You
would have to use an add-on to get that functionality.

3.  The encryption support is planned in v2.0.  That is still in alpha and
may not even be implemented in the series yet.  Bazsi would have more
details on whether that is available in that line or not.

You can tap your foot and sigh with impatience all you want but Bazsi has
lots on his plate and the improvements come has he has time.  You'll just
have to learn a little patience.  Syslog-ng still beats the heck out of old



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I'd like to get answers for few questions..

1. Which version of syslogd-ng I should call stable? Its really
complicated when I can read in docs that 1.4 is stable on web page that
1.6 is etc etc..

2. Does any of syslogd-ng versions support encrypted connections over

3. When/Are you going to support encrypted connections?

Impatient ;)

Kind regards,

Dawid Szymanski

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