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When you rotate the logs you have to send syslog-ng a SIGHUP to make it look
at your new file.  If you are using Linux if you look in /etc/logrotate.d
there is a file called syslog, make sure it is picking up the correct pid
file so that it is HUPing the right process on log rotation.


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i have squid + syslog-ng 1.0.6.rc1 
Syslog-ng look squid/access.log, and write log file (with date format) on a 
remote server (tcp). 
On squid there is a logrotate at 6 am. 
My pb : 
before the log rotate, all is good. After logrotate, syslog-ng don't write
the remote file. 
The last line appear in this file was create at 6am. 
The process run on the both server, and i have no error. 
If i run syslog-ng restart, syslog-ng write the ligne in remote file . 
the next error appear after the next logrotate. 

Does anyone know why this is happening? 


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