[syslog-ng]Trouble using syslog-ng on Solaris 8

Robin Brown robin_brown@totalcomm.com
Wed, 19 Feb 2003 14:32:07 -0500

It actually looks like the host matching in the filter was the culprit.
Running it as Drew suggested pointed that out very quickly.

It's just using the first match, so what's the best way to get some
better hostnames logged to the file?  If I don't have an entry in the
hosts file, can I turn off resolution for it completely so it only looks
at the IP address?  

Looks like the long_hostnames(yes) option may work for matching my hosts
file, can anyone confirm this for me?

Thanks for the help!


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> Subject: [syslog-ng]Trouble using syslog-ng on Solaris 8
> Hi, running solaris 8 and syslog-ng 1.5.26.  It all seems to 
> start just
> fine, no errors at startup or when running.  But none of the logs get
> populated and I can see the UDP traffic is still coming in.  
> Any way to
> see if it's simply not matching the host criteria for some reason?
> Below is my config, any help is appreciated:

Config looks fine.  What verison of libol did you install?  There was a
in a prior version that did the same thing to me.  Just upgrade to the
latest version of libol and recompile syslog-ng.  libol does not need to
installed (Although it can be), but make sure syslog-ng isn't being
with the old version of libol.

Michael Breton

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