[syslog-ng]syslog-ng stops logging after one or two entries.. ..

Hamilton, Andrew Andrew.Hamilton@afccc.af.mil
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Shut the daemon down and run syslog-ng in a shell with the -dv switch.  This
will give you some debug information.  Are you getting a core dump?  You can
use strace or truss to watch it if you want to run those and watch the
system calls.  Without a little more info it will be difficult to help you.



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I am new to syslog stuff but here is my problem.  I have syslog-ng v1.5.21
running on a RedHat Linux server.  I have a Mandrake 9 workstation running
plain ole syslogd.  The two boxes are talking to each other without a
problem but when a message is sent to the syslog-ng box it will log the
message once or twice but fails after that until syslog-ng and syslogd are
restarted on both boxes.  I am using this to log the status of an
application on several boxes to this one server about 30 times an hour (yes
it is huge overhead but is required for this application).  I need help with
this ASAP.

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