[syslog-ng]Square Brackets in match()

Clayton L. Scott tex@engsoc.org
Thu, 13 Jun 2002 14:19:22 -0400 (EDT)

Syslog-ng: 1.5.18 and 1.4.11

If I have a message that looks like this:

Jun  3 00:16:52 X.X.X.X/X.X.X.X rido-ott[System]: request for unserviced tcp:X.X.X.X-25 from X.X.X.X denied

if I want to match this part
[System]: request for unserviced

I have to leave out the leading '['.


match("[System]: request for unserviced") will not


match("System]: request for unserviced") will

Is this a bug in the matching grammar? If I used normal regexp syntax
and escape the '[' as in '\[' is stiil won't work.

PS Thanks Balazs for your anwsers to my last question and for syslog-ng