[syslog-ng]Accepting messages from all devices (including Cisco)

Paul C. Williamson pwilliamson@mandtbank.com
Fri, 11 Jan 2002 09:49:18 -0500

Ok, now that I've got it installed and running (thanks to all who 
helped)...I have yet another question.

When starting syslog-ng (I'm on RedHat 7.2), it just reports that it 
is starting Kernel Logger, but never reports that syslog-ng started.
Is this normal?

What am I missing?  I modified the init.d script for syslog-ng and put it in the /etc/rc.d/init.d directory, and put syslog-ng.conf.RedHat into 
/etc/syslog-ng directory.  

I was also capturing all Cisco devices on my network with syslog, so 
I added:

destination ciscol { file("/var/log/cisco.log"); };

log { source(src1); filter(ciscof); destination(ciscol);};

To capture all the cisco stuff.  I did not modify the facility on the Cisco devices, but they are all set to source-interface loopback0.  

Any ideas?