[syslog-ng]filter problem: level()

Michael D. (Mick) Bauer mick@visi.com
Wed, 5 Sep 2001 00:51:03 -0500 (CDT)

Hi, all.

I've got a puzzling problem (to me ;-) with the level() function in my
syslog-ng.conf file. I'm using a filter  whose sole criterion is
level(debug .. alert); as a sort of "catch-all" filter. But if I send
syslog-ng eight messages, each with a different priority (i.e., one of
each level), only the ones with levels "crit," "alert," and "emerg" get
logged. But wait! Those "emerg" messages shouldn't be making it past the
filter! What *on earth* is going on here?

(Could it be some sort of weirdness between logger & syslog-ng?)

Here's my config file, etc.:
# begin syslog-ng.conf

 options { long_hostnames(off); sync(0); };
 source src { unix-dgram("/dev/log"); internal(); };
 destination d_local { file("/var/log/messages"); };
 filter f_mick { level(debug .. alert); };
 log { source(src); filter(f_mick); destination(d_local); };

# end syslog-ng.conf

# begin bash-commands (logger) to test above config

 curious-george:/etc/init.d# for i in {debug,info,notice,warning,err,crit,alert,
 >logger -p auth.$i "Priority level $i"
 >echo "Priority level $i"

 Priority level debug
 Priority level info
 Priority level notice
 Priority level warning
 Priority level err
 Priority level crit
 Priority level alert
 Priority level emerg

# end bash-commands & output

# begin excerpt from /var/log/messages

 Sep  5 00:13:04 curious-george darthelm: Priority level crit
 Sep  5 00:13:04 curious-george darthelm: Priority level alert
 Sep  5 00:13:04 curious-george darthelm: Priority level emerg

# end excerpt


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