[OT] distributed UNIX FS layout policy (was Re: [syslog-ng]Hi all,. does anyone know of a compiled RPM for SysLog-NG?)

Scott McDermott [email protected]
Mon, 6 Nov 2000 17:57:11 -0500

This is an off-topic post so please delete if you aren't interested.

> > Whoops, apologies; I meant to send this privately.  Please reply to
> > me privately and not the list.

Guess you didn't see that part.  Oh well, I have a question to ask of
the list.

todd glassey on Mon  6/11 14:04 -0800:
> The /opt/local version will work for me. We use a somewhat Solaris
> mindset in our systems layout.

I am curious if other admins use /opt/local/ ? Our layout looks like

        /home/          automount NFS homes

        /usr/local/     automount-by-arch for site-wide bin, lib, sbin
                        and friends

        /opt/           local-to-machine package-type stuff (has own
                        bin, lib, sbin and friends for each package)

        /opt/local/     local-to-machine single bin, lib, sbin and
                        friends (would put this in /usr/local/ but since
                        that is distributed, won't work).

        /pkgs/          identical to /opt/ but distributed and

I am just curious how other admins lay out their filesystems, I have
never heard of anyone using /opt/local/ or /pkgs/ and was wondering if I
happened to make up stuff that coincided with other admins' thoughts on
the matter? /pkgs/ existed before I was here but /opt/local/ was my
idea.  Anyone else use it?

Oh BTW maybe I can be somewhat on-topic: the central loghost logs to
/var/log/syslog/host/program/year.month.day and exports /var/log/syslog
using an ACL of admin workstations only.  This lets us view logs for any
host with nice granularity, from any admin workstation.  Wondering how
others do this also? Leave it on central host and login to the machine?