[syslog-ng] A Bug and few sugestions..

John Goggan jgoggan@dcg.com
Thu, 25 May 2000 08:28:34 -0400

Felix Meulenkamp wrote:
> '#' seems to work not correctly...
>         i've comment a few things in my syslog-ng.conf... and if the comment
>         was not at the beginning of a line.. i got a parsing error..

I believe that this is by design and fairly standard.  From what I've seen in
most other apps that use configuration scripts, if the first character is
whitespace, then that line is parsed -- even if the first non-whitespace
character is a "#" for a comment.

> '#' seems not to comment out log, source, ... -statements....
>         if i comment out the destination and filter rule for ppp from the
>         standart debian example syslog-ng.conf .... i got a parsing error...
>         saying something like... ppp was an unresolve identifer...

Did you also remember to remove the log entry on that one (ppp)?  If you
comment out the destination and filter, but not the log, I believe you still
get a parsing error.  Basically, just do a quick grep and see if you have any
lines with ppp that are not commented out.

I also commented out the ppp lines from the debian example and it ignored them
fine for me.

 - John...