[syslog-ng] syslog protocol

John syslog-ng@moe.co.uk
Thu, 11 May 2000 14:22:37 +0100


The way I went about finding a bit more information out
was to write a small perl program that listened on port
514 and printed out anything that was forwarded to it.

Basically, I believe the format is something like:

<number>then the message here blah blah....

Looks like syslog uses the number to work out what the
log message is.  Below is a small list of a few:

38 auth.info
32 auth.none
34 auth.crit
33 auth.alert
39 auth.debug
37 auth.notice
35 auth.err
32 auth.emerg
36 auth.warn
32 auth.panic
35 auth.error
78 cron.info
72 cron.none

So, write a perl script to send the information to the
log server.

Mail me if you want the full list of numbers.  I probably
have a perl script lying around some where too.