[syslog-ng] Lost tcp connections not reopened

Gary Carroll gary@cp.net
Thu, 6 Jan 2000 11:14:45 -0800

Hi, this is a problem with syslog-ng.1.3.12 on Solaris....

System 1 forwards using tcp to System 2, both using syslog-ng.

System 2 syslog-ng is hupped (kill -HUP `cat syslog-ng.pid`) and
reinitializes as normal.

System 1 loses tcp connection and writes internal message "Connection
broken, reopening in 60 seconds".

BUT the connection is not reopened and the forwarded data is lost until
System 1 syslog-ng is hupped. Then everything is OK again.

It would be really nice if the connection were reopened automatically.

Thanks, Gary Carroll