[syslog-ng] problems with 1.1.15

Balazs Scheidler bazsi@balabit.hu
Mon, 24 May 1999 16:55:24 +0200


> Today I had my first chance to try out syslog-ng 1.1.15, and I'm having
> some weird problems.  When I send test messages locally and from another
> Linux box via UDP, the "message repeated" lines seem to be random.  In the
> following, the text of each message sent was "test".  There were a total
> of four messages sent locally, and two from the remote system.
> May 21 08:50:55 logger/logger syslog-ng[15831]: syslog-ng version 1.1.15
> starting
> May 21 08:51:00 src@logger root: test
> May 21 08:51:07 last/kilrah message repeated 5 times
> May 21 08:51:38 src@logger root: test
> May 21 08:56:52 last/kilrah message repeated 3 times
> May 21 08:01:07 src@logger root: test
> May 21 08:01:07 src@logger root: test
> It's reporting repeated messages that aren't, and not reporting some that
> are. 

Hmmm... syslog-ng doesn't generate "message repeated" messages yet. So those
came from somewhere (most probably from kilrah)

> Then, when I try to send a message from an HP-UX box, syslog-ng *seems* to
> ignore it for a bit, but a few minutes later, spews onto the screen (using
> the default syslog-ng.conf) many, many lines along the lines of: 
> May 21:09:19:28 logger/logger syslog-ng[15831]: io.c: do_read(): Zero
> length read was requested
> On the plus side, syslog-ng is no longer closing the UDP socket
> immediately upon reception of messages from HP-UX...

Thanks, I'll test this.

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