[syslog-ng] Switching libol away from scsh

Tommi Virtanen tv@havoc.fi
Mon, 7 Jun 1999 02:25:40 +0300

On Sat, Jun 05, 1999 at 08:55:13PM +0200, Balazs Scheidler wrote:
> >         Meanwhile, I'd like syslog-ng to be as free as
> >         possible; that includes not needing scsh to work.
> syslog-ng doesn't need scsh to work. Only those who want to make
> developments on syslog-ng need scsh.

        Sorry, bad wording. s/work/build/.

> >         I recently made minor modifications to lsh to
> >         make it work without scsh (Ray Dassen will be
> >         integrating my changes in the lsh distribution
> >         shortly; I will provide the patch by email if
> >         requested), and as syslog-ng and libol share the
> >         same backend, those modifications were quite easy
> >         to port to libol.
> > 
> >         What follows is a diff file that modifies libol
> >         to use Guile instead of scsh. Hopefully you will
> >         integrate this into your distribution. Thank You.
> I have tried to incorporate your patch into make_class, but ran into the
> following problem (since scheme is more or less chinese to me, I am unable
> to fix this):
> /home/bazsi/src/libol/utils/make_class <io.c >io.c.x
> /usr/share/guile/scsh/scsh.scm:130:18: In expression (index clist #\: ...):
> /usr/share/guile/scsh/scsh.scm:130:18: Wrong number of arguments to
> #<procedure
> string-index (s c)>
> So reverting to scsh as long as this is not working.

        I know about this (but believed it to be a more local
        error; please see http://www.debian.org/Bugs/db/38/38812.html).
        The very incorrect fix is to edit /usr/share/slib/format.scm
        and replace the line
(define (string-index s c)
        with e.g.
(define (foo-string-index s c)

        This however will break slib for all other Scheme
        systems than Guile. I don't right now know what the
        proper solution is; I'd much rather spend my time
        trying to port the scheme parts away from scsh than
        fixing a broken emulation of scsh.

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