[syslog-ng] SIGHUP kills syslog-ng on FreeBSD 3-STABLE

Lowkrantz, Goran Goran.Lowkrantz@infologigruppen.se
Wed, 8 Dec 1999 03:38:42 +0100


No, it didn't help. Now it just dies silently, not even a work on the

The only thing I can see is that if I start the old syslogd immediately
after syslog-ng died on HUP, I get the following on the console:
syslogd: cannot create /var/run/log: Address already in use


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On Tue, Dec 07, 1999 at 09:37:44PM +0100, Lowkrantz, Goran wrote:
> Hi,
> Here it is.

This patch should solve the problem with SIGHUP, because it drops messages
while the configuration is initialized. The real problem is not solved
though, the error message says that for some reason syslog-ng cannot bind to I'll check that out too later.

diff -u -r1.18 sources.c
--- sources.c   1999/11/22 18:26:16     1.18
+++ sources.c   1999/12/07 13:19:22
@@ -182,7 +182,10 @@
        CAST(log_source_group, self, c);
        struct ol_string *name = get_source_hostname(logmsg->saddr);

-       assert(self->super.next);
+       if (!self->super.next) {
+               log_info_free(logmsg);
+               return;
+       }
        logmsg->source = c;
        if (self->long_hostnames) {
                if (logmsg->flags & LF_LOCAL) {

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