[zorp] Stacking programs doesn’t work and how to modify POST parameters?

thomas.wenz at gmx-topmail.de thomas.wenz at gmx-topmail.de
Mon Jun 30 17:55:45 CEST 2008


Thanks a lot for your quick reply!
I thought that Zorp 3.3 already exists because I saw press releases for
the commercial version and some files in the download section named 
with 3.3. But ok, then it's clear why it would not install ;)

I would be glad for any code or tutorial that could help me in checking 
POST data and controlling the response. 
Performance is not the problem because it's just for a very small amount
of users and running on a dedicated server.

I saw you've written something about AnyPy-proxy here (seems to be 
also a scenario with POST data)
but unfortunately I don't understand a word and online translator 
programs make it even less understandable ;)

Generally, I would prefer the program stacking for checking POST data
and responses through an external program instead of using custom
python code. Do you know how long it will approximately take until 
the program stacking feature is released under GPL? I don't want to 
rush you and I'm very glad and thankful that Zorp is released in a GPL 
version and you're investing your valuable time in adding features to 
the GPL version. Unfortunately I've only a limited time frame until 
end of July to get this running and so I would need to look for a 
different temporary solution (either through AnyPy or through Squid, 
Snort_inline or so...) if it's released later and come back to Zorp when
this feature is available... 

Thomas Wenz

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