[zorp] running policy.py error

조성우 chosw at qmoist.com
Fri Apr 4 08:48:56 CEST 2008


Now, I’m trying to study your tremendous job, zorp.

So, first of all, thank you for your sharing such a good proxy source.

Anyway, I have some problem with running zorp.

Please see the stack dump log below.


Apr 04 21:54:06 (nosession): Starting up; verbose_level='5',
version='3.1.12', startup_id='1207313646'

[New Thread -1208752368 (LWP 31777)]

[Detaching after fork from child process 31780. (Try `set detach-on-fork

[New Thread -1208755312 (LWP 31782)]

Apr 04 21:54:06 (nosession): Outbound service; zone='site-net',

Apr 04 21:54:06 (nosession): Outbound service; zone='site-net',

Apr 04 21:54:06 (nosession): Outbound service; zone='site-net',

Apr 04 21:54:06 (nosession): Inbound service; zone='local', service='*'

Apr 04 21:54:06 (nosession): Inbound service; zone='internet', service='*'

*** glibc detected *** /home2/zorp/zorptest: munmap_chunk(): invalid
pointer: 0xb7e7e350 ***


warning: Missing the separate debug info file: /usr/lib/debug/.build-

======= Backtrace: =========
















Actually I can not found DNS.py which is imported in “Matcher.py”

So, I download it from “ <http://pydns.sourceforge.net/index.html>
http://pydns.sourceforge.net/index.html” but there is no method called

So I remarked the line of calling “DiscoverNameServers” and then got the
python error posted above.


I guess there are two possibilities, the first is using wrong “policy.py”
and the other is using wrong “DNS.py”.

Please give a direction. Thanks.


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