[zorp] Can't Open policy.boot

Matt Miller zorp at mattmillersf.fastmail.fm
Tue Mar 6 21:13:17 CET 2007

Under debian etch I can't seem to get zorp instances to start. I see the
following in syslog:

Error opening policy.boot file; file='${prefix}/share/zorp/policy.boot'

That error is repeated for each instance I'm trying to start.

I'm using the debian packaged version, and I don't know what ${prefix}
is set to, but I'm thinking that it must be either "/usr" or empty.  My
system does have /usr/share/zorp/policy.boot, and that file is world-
readable.  I tried creating /share/zorp/policy.boot as a copy of the
/usr/share/zorp version, but that didn't change anything.

Has anyone got the debian package of zorp running under etch? How can I
find out for sure what ${prefix} is, or how can I otherwise get more
detailed info about this error?

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